About Us

“Pack your suitcase, buckle-up, and get ready for the travel experience of your life.”


Tripdukaan does not sell planned holidays, but rather provides holidays with the freedom of travelling as you please. A uniquely fresh take on the already over saturated market, Tripdukaan does not sell the same experience as many other agencies do.

We allow you, the client to be in complete control of how to spend your holiday. Many agencies create packed itineraries that leave you feeling as if you need a holiday from the holiday.


We do it differently. You provide us your budget, number of people travelling and if you have a country or region you want to visit.

Based on your requirements, we offer you suggestions that suit your needs. We encourage you to forget being a tourist at the airport and explore the surroundings like a native. We envision providing a traveller with the means to explore their choices without the stress of having to fulfil every activity on their itinerary simply because they paid for it.

Illustration 1.jpg

The stress of planning a trip as a solo traveller, a family or even a group of friends is demanding, but we do it with ease to ensure you can holiday as you like.

Tripdukaan will let you be a traveller, not a tourist.

So close your eyes, let go of travel planning stress, and let TripDukaan do what they do best.

To know more about us visit us at our website – Tripdukaan



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